More than ever, audiences are in control. You can put your message out there, but they decide how far it goes. At Carlstrom Productions, our resident eventhropologist keeps us up on all the latest social networking trends so we can help you better engage your audience. Through dynamic networking and media tools, we help you shape your message before, during, and after your event to build community and create the most effective audience experience. Best of all, the results are measurable.

Here’s a taste of what we can do:

  • Collaborate—Develop direct and indirect communications, including announcements, press opportunities, podcasts, blogs, bios, surveys, contests, activities, and more. 
  • Empower—Provide on-location support during your event, so your staff community managers can devote themselves to all-important face time with attendees. 
  • Assess—Determine and employ the best social networking and other technologies to keep your audience connected. 
  • Buzz—Enhance placement, press coverage, and viral sharing by identifying and cultivating influencers, evangelists, and celebrities. 
  • Humanize—Build relationships through culturally relevant communications and birds-of-a-feather activities. 
  • Analyze—Detail audience demographics through ethnographic studies. 
  • Relay—Skillfully collect, process, and report community feedback. 
  • Quantify—Provide comprehensive post-event reporting for promotion and future planning.

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